Alluvial Wines, Inc., is a broker and wholesale company focusing on artisan producers from CA, the Pacific Northwest, and fine wine appellations from around the globe.  We choose to represent wines, wineries, and people of honesty, integrity, and authenticity.  

Alluvial represents progressive producers who operate small, family-owned wineries that use sustainable and hands-off (or minimal interventionist) practices to produce naturally-balanced wines that are true to their terroir and varietal character.

Alluvial was founded in 2013 by Alejandro Roberts, Ben Doren, and Jason Moore: three partners with a love and passion for fine wines. We share the common belief that the honesty and integrity of the winemakers and wines we represent translates into every aspect of how we conduct our business.  Our mission is transparency: from the vineyard to the bottle, in the winemakers we choose to work with, and in the way we conduct business with our suppliers, sales representatives, and customers.

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Who We Are


Alejandro Roberts

Alejandro moved to NYC two weeks after 9/11, with a gig at  He took his love and passion for sports and underground dance music with him and discovered a new passion: Food & Wine.  After taking the Windows on the World classes by Kevin Zraly, and his first read of Kermit Lynch’s on the Wine Trail, he knew he had to get into wine in some shape or fashion.  A two-week summer trip in 2004 that started in St. Emilion and ended in Montalcino solidified it.  That was it.  

He spent the next four years in NYC and DC discovering, starting his wholesale career (working for a small Italian importer) and moonlighting at an influential DC Wine Bar (Cork).  Playa love forced him to change coasts in 2009 and he’s been plying his trade in SF ever since.  With all the change and exciting developments in CA Wine, Alejandro had the idea of going on his own (with Ben & Jay) to represent his own concept of inspirational wine.  What most excites him about Alluvial, wine, and the industry?  Everyday knowing he will have learned something new by the end of the day.

Tel: 917.847.6419

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Ben Doren

Ben Doren, grew up in Chicago, IL and attended college at the University of Iowa – worlds away from California’s (or any other) wine regions.  Like most college kids, he mostly drank beer, shots and cocktails.  Wine was saved for buying a ‘nice’ bottle of white zinfandel or inexpensive bubbly when trying to impress a date.  Ben came to California after college, working in various aspects of the restaurant industry while DJ-ing and producing live and electronic music events, which eventually lead to opening two successful Bay Area restaurant/nightclubs.  Among the many hats a restaurateur wears, the Wine Director role inspired the most passion in Ben.  With marriage to his college sweetheart, Stacy, and later blessed with two wonderful children, it was time to make wine a full-time day job and career.  In 2010 Ben started making micro-production single vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon under his Doren label and in 2013 he co-founded Alluvial.  When he isn’t travelling, Ben’s favorite weekend activities include drinking delicious wines with friends (rosé all day!) and dropping a deep house set on the turntables.

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Jason Moore

Jason began to fall in love with wine working for Christopher Myers and Jody Adams at the famed Rialto in Cambridge MA in the mid 90’s. From there Jason went on to work for the Kretchmer’s and Bobby Flay at Mesa in NYC as well as the Scotto’s. After a soul-inspiring bicycle trip thought Italy, France, and Spain with his wife in the late 90’s, he settled in San Francisco in 2000, starting his wholesale wine career.

Never one to discount the value of any grape or wine, Jason is proud to say that he drinks wine every day, no matter if it’s an every-day $12 drinker, or a special reserve bottle that comes out of the cellar on a random Tuesday when he and his wife Lisa are feeling inspired. His recent mantra is as follows: "Chardonnay is still the best grape and I don’t care what all y’alls have to say about it!"

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