In 1996 two families (Michael Dellar & Don Friedkin) purchased land on Soda Canyon Road in Napa Valley, one mile up from the Silverado Trail, south of Stags Leap and below Atlas Peak.  The 8.3 acre vineyard, planted in 2002 and 2003, sits next to Roy Estate and just up the slope from Bill Hill’s Broken Rock. Clone 4 on 101-14 root stock with 4’x6’ spacing (1815 vines per acre) are the details. 

Before choosing the course of action for development, talked to several experienced winemakers and viticulturists—David Abreu, Jim Barbour, John Kongsgard, Davy Pina, Bob Steinhauer, and more. All confirmed that the vineyard would produce top-notch grapes; all were interested in having the property under their auspices.  Ultimately, they chose a divergent course and engaged Wente Family Estates who agreed to fully plant the vineyard and assume all costs of creation on the very rocky soil with undulating elevations.