Bliss Wine Imports

All of the producers of Bliss use natural, organic vineyard treatments and minimalist winery practices. While Alleah Freidrichs, founder, decided to pursue her passion of wine, she got to support and believe in these selections in a very organic way.  As she visited more and more vineyards and tasted thousands of wines (blind), she discovered some very strong trends that came up time and again in the wines she chose:

  • Small winemakers producing less than 10,000 cases per year

  • Winemakers that don't buy grapes from other vineyards

  • Vineyards that don't use pesticides or synthetic fertilizers

  • Winemakers that believe their job is to aid the natural process, not to create flavors to fit a certain profile

  • Grapes that are native to the region, not international varietals

Their national sales manager is a highly acclaimed somm in Andrey Ivanov, who believes strongly in these wines and their tenants.